Beyond conventional interaction patterns

As a multidisciplinary individual, I’m passionate about leveraging my background in engineering and design to create a deep understanding of complex problems and processes to create an experience that is not only easy to use but also aligns with business needs. 

My Philosophy as a designer

Firstly I actively work with a philosophy to create an Inclusive, Open, and Accessible by actively focusing on inclusive and user-diverse decision-making. Secondly, I think it is easy to become over-confident in our own ideas and opinions therefore I constantly try to challenge my own ideas. Lastly, I focus on clear experiences over unpredictability as designers, our goal is not to eliminate complexity or friction but rather to create clear friction, but rather create a clear intuitive, and understandable product experience. At times, this may mean adding thoughtful complexity. 

What I do when I am not working

Eternal wander and adventurer

I know it’s a cliché to say I love traveling but I mean who doesn't. Travelling gets me out of comfort especially when I am traveling alone and It might also give you a possibility to reflect on life. You get opportunities to trust yourself and your instincts. It is such a great learning process and you will get to know yourself so well

Passion for Cooking

Growing up in India I was exposed to rich, spicy flavorful, and diverse kinds of Indian cuisines. Cooking has always been my passion growing up spending hours in the kitchen with my mother, making a mess, and learning to cook delicious recipes from all over the world.

A Social Butterfly and a meme lord

I grew up an Introvert and with time I evolved into an extrovert most of this was because of my Mantra to always seek discomfort because of this I pride myself on having the ability to make organic conversations with people which I love. I also love memes and talking about pop culture.